Excitement Builds For the New BMW 8 Series

BMW 8 Series

When BMW launches a new car, the world takes notice. As a leading performance/luxury carmaker, BMW often sets the trends the rest of the industry will be following for years to come. The stage is set for that to happen once again with the new BMW Concept 8 Series. The new BMW 8 Series is set for a mid-2018 launch and BMW is already making it clear that this vehicle will be a force.

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The new BMW i3 Wins 2017 World Urban Car Award


BMW’s most recent offering to the electric-vehicle market comes in the shape of the BMW i3 which has just been recognized as “World Urban Car of the Year” at the New York International Auto Show. The extended-range i3 is made almost exclusively from carbon fiber and illustrates the German carmaker’s commitment to motoring sustainability. With all the performance you would expect from the storied brand, the 2017 BMW i3 is one of the best all-around cars for energy economy, comfort and practicality on the market.

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BMW Showcases Family of Hybrid Vehicles at 2017 New York International Auto Show

The BMW brand has achieved stellar status after recently showing off its latest line-up of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles at the recent Auto Show in New York. The model range embodies the brand’s commitment to cutting-edge engineering with an eye on the future. Not only does this range deliver on performance, it sets a new bar when it comes to practicality and, of course, environmental friendliness. Here we take a look at some of the new BMW models at the show.

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BMW 4 Series Gets Redesign for 2018

2018 BMW 4 Series

You’re probably familiar with BMW’s 4 Series. It is after all one of BMW’s most popular models, offered in three different variants: coupe, convertible and Gran Coupe. They all ride on the same platform, but with very different drivers in mind. Originally named the 4 Series to further distinguish the sportier side of the vehicles compared to the 3 Series, all three 4 Series variants gained its reputation thanks to stellar performance, practical and luxurious cabins, as well as drop-dead gorgeous styling. The new 2018 4 Series, available as the 430i and 440i arrive in March 2017.

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The Return of the BMW 8-Series?

1992 BMW 8-Series

Produced by BMW from 1989-99, the BMW 8 Series accumulated quite a following during the brief time it was on the scene. Now, more than a quarter-century after its introduction, BMW seems poised to resurrect the sleek V12 luxury coupe that impressed so many all those years ago.

So when spy photos recently surfaced of the mysterious BMW 8 Series, people got excited! If these spy shots are any indication, the return of the 8 Series will be celebrated by drivers all over the globe.
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